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Welcome to my site

chrisbryant MP
Member of Parliament for the Rhondda

"The people of the Rhondda are not looking for handouts. People simply want a chance to stand on their own two feet, to build a decent  for their family and to retire in dignity. These are honourable aspirations and my constituents still look to politicians to make a real difference by waging an all-out assault on the causes of poverty." - from Chris's maiden House of Commons speech, 25 June 2001.

Welcome to my site
Welcome to my site

Since 2001 I have been working hard for the Rhondda as the Telling thanks doctors note a lot is a simple work of showing your appreciation when it comes to someone. By saying these magic words, it takes little effort to make someone's day. Health professionals are an essential part of our world. Formulating a thank you be aware is mostly a very good gift to understand their products. It seems like, in the present doctors note very quickly-paced existence, we certainly have neglected to appreciate everyone relating to the endeavors doctors note they decide to use to make our lifetime more effective. While 1 pays doctors note for the services gained using a medical expert, the life span-conserving deeds of medical experts should not be calculated in relation to profit. Appreciation in the direction of them might be demonstrated with very little serves like thanking them. Just a small thank you so much note acquired using a doctors note patient will make your physician doctors note genuinely feel fantastic. Medical practitioners, as with all other qualified professional, do their best to do their jobs. The truth is, their jobs are an existence-saver, and therefore, important for folks in our society. It is not necessarily typical that most of us write a appreciate it message to a doctors note wonderful health care provider. When we do, it gives him/her a feeling of satisfaction. Minor functions of appreciation of this nature distribute bliss globally all-around us. Labour Member of Parliament, and hope to continue doing so. Through this site I will keep you up-to-date on my work in Parliament and the Rhondda. You can access my latest news, surgery times and contact details, as well as a whole host of other information. I hope you find this site informative and useful."

Current Campaigns & Events

Press release 22/05/07

Bryant and Andrews voice support for Dinas Remploy

Press release 11/06/07

Mental Health

Chris Bryant's Annual Reports

Previous years' Annual Reports can be found under the News section in the menu bar

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